Hushpuppi To Be Extradited To Nigeria

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Instagram Influencer, Ray Hushpuppi arrested by the Interpol few days ago in UAE for alleged fraud is to be extradited to Nigeria for trial.

Garba Umar, Commissioner of Police, INTERPOL, made this known in a statement. He said: “It is true that Hushpuppi was arrested by the INTERPOL. We are currently working on bringing him to Nigeria to face charges of fraud.

Garba Umar who confirmed that Hushpuppi, didn’t commit the crime alone noted that there are other accomplices in the country who are currently on trial. Umar furthermore stated that they are working for his extradition because some of the offences were committed here in Nigeria and he has to answer for them.

Huspuppi is alleged to have hacked into the United States (US) unemployed database and impersonating citizens qualified for unemployment funds.

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  1. God is above all hushpuppi the lord is your strength nobody clean you shall bonus back again i stand by you but you need to change your ways too much money with out prove is a big time fuck up what you just need to do right now is to think very where and sharp now before things run at of hand

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