The COVID-19 category documents news, information, and opinion stories about COVID-19. COVID-19 is a global pandemic, which first presented in Wuhan, China, a town of about 11 million people. Cases of the virus have been seen in about 200 countries. In addition, about a million people have died from the virus. COVID-19 cases are also present in Nigeria and Rivers State. The WHO on 11th February 2020, designated this pandemic, COVID-19. This title is a combination of the strain of the virus, that is, coronavirus and its year of origin – 2019. Governments around the world in response to the novel status of COVID-19 have instituted social distancing and lockdown protocols. Although this is not a lasting solution to the problem, Social Distancing has proved effective for curbing the spread of the virus. The flattening of the coronavirus curve is particularly crucial for preventing pressure on pre-existing health infrastructures around the world. COVID-19 is currently the most talked about and researched subject in the world today. Elanhub considers COVID-19 news and information a priority. This category is red, an indication of its relevance. At the Elanhub, we believe we will overcome this problem by being proactive and adhering to both global and country-specific instructions. We also believe God is on our side and soon enough, the COVID-19 global pandemic will be a thing of the past! While we wait, we hope to bring our audiences news about COVID-19. We also intend to express our opinions on how different governments are dealing with the problem.

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