The Fashion & Style category contains useful and relevant articles and photographs about fashion and style icons and trends from all over the world. There is however, a priority on fashion and style icons and trends from Rivers State and Nigeria. Two reasons account for this. The first is to give visibility to the unique style prevalent in these areas from high street to celebrity trends. The second reason is to share the Rivers and Nigerian culture with the rest of the world. Although clothes and shoes are popular in fashion & style discussions, this category also includes home and kitchen trends. Additionally, our readers can also find relationship, lifestyle, and beauty tips in this section. Elanhub understands the difference between fashion and style and seeks to capture both. Whereas fashion is what is available and deemed relevant at a particular time, Style is timeliness and personal. While fashion quickly fads, style tends to last forever. To cater to our diverse readers, we intend to provide content on a wide variety of fashion trends such as Vintage, Bohemian, Chic, Artsy, Sexy, Casual, and more. Elanhub hopes that by reading articles in this section, our readers will become more comfortable in their own skin and gradually evolve into fashion icons themselves.

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