Celebrity Trends

The Celebrity Trends category contains popular stories in legacy and social media platforms about Rivers State, Nigerian, or global celebrities. Celebrities are well known people who usually garner much public attention. They usually include persons within the entertainment world including musicians, song writers, actors, and actresses and in some cases, politicians. The views held by celebrities matter because they typically have a huge fan base. They also attract large followership on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Celebrities are critical media influencers, which means the opinions they hold on issues of public interest are worth evaluating. The goal of the Elanhub is to make available news about Rivers State or stories that are relevant to Rivers people. We also provide opinion, entertainment, and inspirational content. Capturing "Celebrity Trends", therefore, falls within our overall objective. At the Elanhub, we consider it important to represent the views of celebrities. But, when and if necessary, we react to their views by offering alternative versions of reality. That is the Elanway!

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