Women Please Have Small Sense, Don’t Allow Love or Lust Blind You – Adata Bio-Briggs

Rivers State

Chairperson of the International Federation of Women Lawyers in Rivers State, Adata Bio-Briggs has advised married couples to learn to be patient and tolerant with each other, as the rate at which young marriages are breaking up is alarming.

Briggs in a statement Today, said there is always teething time in marriages, as she urged married couples to see the good in their partners.

She also advised women to ensure their names are on the documents of properties acquired in the marriages.

She said:

How can you provide cash to buy land and your name is not on the title documents? Women please have small sense, don’t allow love or lust blind you.

On every property acquired as a couple please have your name on it. It makes life easier when you come asking for what to do when things go north.

The rate at which young marriages are breaking down is alarming, please in every marriage there’s always teething time, learn to be patient, learn tolerance, remember you are coming from different backgrounds. Things will usually work out. See the good in your partner always.

See you all later, I have mediations scheduled for today, let me go and try to save some marriages. That’s one of the things we do at Fida Rivers Legal Centre.

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