Dr. Azoroh, Stopped By The State Ministry of Justice, After He was Cleared By Doctors To Leave

Dr. Azoroh Stopped By The State Ministry of Justice After Been Cleared To Leave

COVID-19 Rivers State

The Manager of the demolished Prodest Hotel in Eleme, Bariledum Azoroh has been confirmed fit by doctors at the state isolation centre. However, according to some reports, he was to leave on Saturday but was prevented from doing so by the Rivers State Ministry of Justice.

According to the State Attorney General, Dr. Azoroh can only be allowed to leave after the completion of all court processes. He noted that it was the court that remanded the manager and not doctors at the isolation centre.

Dr. Azoroh had earlier been convicted by the court for violating the directive of the state government. It was later announced by the government that he had tested positive for the COVID-19. A claim the manager has since denied saying he is not positive for the virus.

The Owner of the demolished had before then, raised an alarm of a sinister plot by the government to declare the manager a COVID-19 patient. He said the act was to justify their unlawful demolition of his hotel. Meanwhile, stakeholders in the state are watching with keen interest to see how the drama unfolds.

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