Peruzzi Apologizes Over Tweets Endorsing Rape

Rivers State

Singer, songwriter and serial hit maker Peruzzi who was recently accused of rape, has come out to apologize for a shameful tweet he made in 2012. In the tweets Peruzzi threatened to  rape a lady, while  equally tweeting of how he had raped another young lady.

The tweets which were posted 8 years ago by the singer, resurfaced online following a rape allegation by a young lady. The tweets were released to back up the girl’s claims that the singer is a rapist. Although the singer has denied these allegations his past tweets may have learnt credibility of the lady’s claims.

Following the series of rape cases recorded in the country lately, the alleged rape victim said she decided to speak up now as she was too young, scared and naive to speak up 8 years ago.

Peruzzi while denying the allegation against him tweeted, “In light of recent allegations, accusing me of rape in 2012, I want to say that I, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, strongly refute such claim. I have never and will never rape or sexually assault anybody.” The claim is false and has also been refuted by a witness who was present at the time of the allegation. Rape is a heinous and cowardly act, which I do not condone. I’m ashamed and deeply apologetic for a series of tweets posted on social media 8 years ago…


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