I have a vaccine for Coronavirus – Dr. Ben Amodu


A Nigerian doctor of alternative medicine and owner of African Alternative Medicine Hospital, Dr. Ben Amodu, has allegedly developed a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

 Dr. Amodu made this revelation in an interview with Voice TV Nigeria recently. He explained that the development of this vaccine was in response to President Muhammadu Buhari’s call to look inward for a cure for coronavirus.

He said he has reached out to the federal government informing them of some of his medicines for malaria, typhoid and prevention of coronavirus; for lung cancer and other respiratory ailments.

He revealed that he has given some of the drugs to someone currently in isolation and hopes the person tests negative. He is optimistic that Nigeria has something the world doesn’t have.  He said some foreign experts have collected his medicines for test and examination. 

Amodu explained that unlike other medicines, his products are “food medicines” and have no side effects.  He advised the government to subject any equipment imported into the country for the fight against coronavirus to “international standard protocol test”.

Neither the government nor any qualified health expert has responded to his claims as of press time. 


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