RIVSCO: "Where are the political leaders of Oyigbo?"

General Kumasi Reacts To Been Declared Wanted By The RVSG

Rivers State

One of the two alleged notorious gang leaders in Ahaoda West Local Government Area, declared wanted by the Rivers State Government, General Kumasi has denied any involvement in crime and criminality.

General Kumasi in a statement on Thursday, said he has never been involved in crime, since he was granted amnesty by the state government.

The alleged gangster, said he submitted all his arms and ammunitions, and that there are no arms in his possession.

Kumasi also said he has contributed to the security of the LGA, and that the people of the area are happy with him.

He accused politicians of the LGA, of discrediting him before the state governor and security agencies.

Kumasi stated that he is planning on representing his people at the state Assembly, so as to ameliorate their sufferings.

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