COVID-19: Hilda Dokubo’s response to President Buhari’s relaxed lockdown directive

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The popular actress, director and filmmaker, Hilda Dokubo has on Friday, May 1, 2020 expressed her concern over how the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has been handling the pandemic in Nigeria.

The Actress in a 4-minute video in Instagram reacted to the President’s relaxed lockdown measures as follows:

“Research findings are based on percentages, who is lying to the president? Because on the strength of a lie, he has approved the ease of movement and he has also approved the increase of the number of people to be tested to 2500, if they could not accomplish 1500 then how are they able to achieve 2500 a day?

“The nurses and doctors and all health workers are working extremely hard, breaking themselves into pieces just to save lives and a few people are sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned room reaching agreements that empower only their pockets.

“Sometimes when I think of what people that sit in committees come up with, I wonder what runs in their veins. Blood or water? Because they react like people who don’t feel the pain of others. You have moved responsibility from yourself and hung it on the neck of the common masses, the same people that you are supposed to be protecting.

“During the lockdown, a lot of the poor were on the streets..why? Because your palliatives did not get to them. They were out there struggling to see how they can feed off the food that you hoard at them.

“So the palliatives didn’t get to them, no one is empowered to carry out research so research is not going on and now, you are throwing people back into the streets, the streets that you haven’t even fumigated, you haven’t even cleaned up but you have told us that this virus is airborne and can stay airborne for 8 hours.

“I don’t understand. Do you even assume that everyone is stupid? Let us take for instance Lagos state. With no traffic during the lockdown, they could not trace people who had contact with those who had tested positive to the virus. So imagine now with traffic, how they will trace anyone and if someone needs help, how will the NCDC get to the person?”

Do we want to end up like Ghana who lifted their lockdown prematurely and ended up with all the casualties that they have? Can we handle that casualty? Someone is lying to the President and that person needs to stop”.


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