Collapsed Flyover: RSG Reacts

Rivers State


Our attention has been drawn to a misleading narrative concerning the incident that occured at the Rumukrushi (Tank) Flyover project site yesterday, Saturday, 6 August, 2022.

What happened yesterday was not an issue of structural failure but was entirely an accident caused by some careless heavy equipment operators .

Routine construction works were going on the site when an excavator horizontally collided with an already launched beam while trying to assist a tipper that got stuck in the mud due to the kind of soil peculiar to a typical construction site. The beam moved out of place and made impact on other beams. This affected other beams on that row.

The erroneous narrative being propagated by mischief-makers is with the sole aim of causing unnecessary panic amongst unsuspecting members of the public.

The good people of Rivers State should disregard it in its entirety because there is no cause for alarm whatsoever. The structural integrity of the 10th flyover is not in dispute in anyway. What happened was an avoidable incident caused by two careless equipment operators.

To the glory of God there was no casualty. The management of Julius Berger has been swiftly notified by the Honourable Commissioner for Works; the beams will be removed and new ones will be relaunched. There is no need for panic as the situation is fully under control.

Dornubari Kiinee

Special Assistant (Media & Documention) to the Hon. Commissioner for Works, Rivers State.
7 August, 2022.

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