ESOCS Devotional 15 July 2020 - Proving God's Power

21 May 2020 ESOCS Devotional – Rely On God For Victory

ESOCS Daily Devotional

21 May ESOCS Devotional

TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 14:1-24

MEMORY VERSE:Maybe the LORD will help us; if he does, nothing can keep him from giving us victory, no matter how few of us there are.” 1 Samuel 14:6b GV

We serve a God who is able to give us the spiritual and physical strength to fight and conquer our enemies. Once we give our lives to Christ, He rules over our lives and thus every battle formed against us is one against the God who rules over our life (See Rom. 8:1). In our text, we see Jonathan and Israel gain victory over the Philistines because they believed that God could do it once He is pleased with them.

In the first place, let us understand that God does not need parental approval to give us victory over our enemies when we pray for it. This calls for the understanding that our relationship with God is personal. He will answer you if He is pleased with you. He does not need the recommendations of your parents or boss to do so. Just go to in Him prayers. In verses 1-6 of our text, we see Jonathan approach God personally before he could venture into fighting against the enemy. In verse 1 and 6, we read, “One day Jonathan said to the young man who carried his weapons, Let us go across to the Philistine camp.’ But Jonathan did not tell his Father Saul … maybe the LORD will help us; if he does, nothing can keep him from giving us victory, no matter how few of us there are.”

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If you must carry anybody along in your service to God or in your personal endeavor, as long as faith in God is concerned, it must be somebody who understands the unfailing power of God. You do not have to tell a faithless man about your exploits anchored on faith in God. In our text, we note that Jonathan’s servant understands the way of God. When Jonathan took the step of faith, he encouraged him with a nod. In verses 7 and 8 of our text, we read, “The young man answered, “Whatever you want to do, I am with you.”All right,” Jonathan said. “We will go across and let the Philistines see us” (GNT).

In life, one must seek guidance and follow the direction of the Spirit of God. This direction comes in form of prophesy, inspiration, learning, etc. to those who are in the Lord and are Spirit filled. Jonathan was Spirit filled and inspired by the Spirit of God. One should not live himself hollow. Be sure that you are filled with the Holy Spirit for daily inspiration and direction on how to go about the challenges that life presents (See 9-13). In verse 13, we read, “… Jonathan attacked the Philistines and knocked them down, and the young man killed them.”

A man’s singular faith and exploit can bring about victory for the entire family or congregation. In verses 14-24, we see how the Israelites got victory because of the step of faith that Jonathan took. Today, as you pray and take a step of faith, you, your family, and congregation shall be victorious.

CHALLENGES: Does God need the assistance of any man to help the one He is pleased to help?

PRAYER POINT: Oh Lord, I put my trust in you. My breakthrough is sure with you in Jesus Name! AMen.

21 May ESOCS Devotional – FURTHER READING: 1 Samuel 14:25-52; Revelation 14:1-12; 14:13–20


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