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…Says Dakuku Peterside is a shameless Politician

Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike says the Rivers State government will be compelled to deploy its Neighbourhood Watch Safety Corps to maintain law and order if the Nigeria Police continue to support some political parties to instigate violence in the State.

He noted with dismay the levels of encouragement that the Rivers State Police Command has continued to give to some political actors to act lawlessly with their political activities.

Speaking at the State Primary School in Elekahia, venue of the Rivers State PDP Port Harcourt City LGA Campaign Flag-off Rally, governor Wike said the command cannot support people who are breaking the law.

Governor Wike advised the State Police Command to rise to the occasion and safeguard the laws of the State in order to forestall a break down of law and order. According to him, if the command refuses, his administration will be compelled to direct officers of the Rivers State Neighborhood Watch Safety Corps to step in and ensure that the laws of the State are obeyed.

“And this is what I want to tell the Nigerian Police, Rivers State Command. You are the one supporting them to disobey the law to cause violence. Police, if you don’t want to do your duty, let us know. I will release our Neighborhood Watch Safety Corps instead.

“If you don’t do your work, we will take over your work from you. You cannot support people who are breaking the law. You know the truth of the matter. You are scared, so that they don’t transfer you. Your duty is not to be permanent anywhere. As far as you are a security man you can be sent to anywhere, any day.”

Governor Wike accused some political actors of disobeying the statutory laws of the State and yet alleging that they are being stopped from campaigning.

The governor said nobody is stopping any political group from campaigning, but if such political campaigns must be done within any public facility, then the required non-refundable security fee of N5M must be paid.

“If you want to use a school facility, if you want to use our stadium, you’ll pay certain amount of money so that if you destroy anything, government will be in a position to use that money and rebuild whatever you have damaged. And they say they will not pay.”

Categorically, governor insisted: “We as PDP (Peoples Democratic Party), we are in government, yet we are obeying the law. As we use here, we have paid the money to government coffer. How dare you, all these small, small associations. How dare to say you will not obey the law. If you don’t pay, we will resist you.”

Governor recalled that these same people who are now crying foul were among those who used the military during the 2019 general election to scuttle the will of the people of Rivers State, but were fiercely resisted by the people.

“Look at people crying now. They forget how they were using the military then. Was it not here when the military came to carry the ballot papers and results. Is it not here? They forgot how the military took over all collation centres to take away the materials if not because you stood firm.

“Now, they’re opening their dirty mouths because we abide by the rule of law. Tell them not to push us to the wall. If you don’t want to obey the law, you’ll face the consequences of it.”

Governor Wike also took a swipe at Dakuku Peterside, the former Director General (DG) of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), whom he described as a political neophyte, for daring him to name his preferred presidential candidate.

“Shameless politician. You had a position, yet you cannot help your people. You’re coming out to open your mouth simply because they did not give you second term to be the DG of NIMASA. You have guts to tell me I should name my presidential candidate. Are we at the same level. Failure and success, are they the same?”

He further added, “And let me also tell him, he does not understand the activities of G-5. I have told most people who don’t know, this fight we are fighting is like a gruella warfare. The more you look, the less you see.”

Rivers State governorship candidate of the PDP, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, who pleaded with the people of Port Harcourt to demonstrate their love for governor Wike by voting massively for PDP consolidation team, said he has been well nurtured to be a performing governor.

Fubara insisted that a vote for him means continuity and consolidation of the development trajectory of governor Wike that has made Port Harcourt emerge as the best city in Nigeria under his leadership.

According to him, massive vote from voters in Port Harcourt will serve as a bold statement of support for him and the consolidation team, which will eventually shame Rivers politicians in Abuja for the betrayal role they have chosen to play.

On his speech, the member of Federal House of Representatives, Ken Chikere said the people of PHALGA are ready and determined to deliver all PDP candidates at the polls.

The Chairman of PDP in Rivers State, Ambassadors Desmond Akawor presented the flag of the party to the candidates of the party contesting various positions in the area.

Before going to the venue of the campaign flag-off rally, governor Wike and some chieftains of PDP stopped by at the palace of Eze Uche Isaiah Elikwu, the Eze Epara Rebisi XII, for a courtesy visit, wherein he introduced Sir. Siminialayi Fubara as the governorship candidate of the party.

Kelvin Ebiri

Special Assistant on Media to the Rivers State governor.

February 1, 2023.

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