THRIVE in the face of disaster and create opportunities in adversity

THRIVE 1.0: A Lesson on Re-engineering Problems to Opportunities

Covid Diary COVID-19

The THRIVE event, put together by the THRIVE Consortium, a select group of young and inspiring minds, held on 16 May 2020. The Zoom event, which has been adjudged a huge success, was attended by many young men and women between ages 18 and 55.  It was also featured live on Facebook.

The programme, which was themed “THRIVE in the face of disaster and create opportunities in adversity”, commenced with an opening speech by the Chief Organiser, Mr. Solomon Agba.

Solomon Agba
Solomon Agba

Agba gave an opening speech and proceeded to introduce the panelists for the events including Sarah Chidiebere Joe, Edward Esene, and Joel Osebor.  We have included their profiles.


JOE Sarah Chidiebere is a PhD research scholar at the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom. Her research focuses on Media Framing of Terrorism in Legacy and Social Media Platforms. 

Mrs. Joe holds a Master’s degree in media, Arts Philosophy and Practice from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.  She is a member of many professional associations including the International Communication Association and the Political Studies Association.

Sarah has served as Part-Time Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom.  She also functioned as a Research Assistant on the Whirl of Knowledge-Cultural Populism in European Polarised Politics and Societies (WhiKnow) with the University of Helsinki, Finland.

She is a Lecturer in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies at the Rivers State University, Nigeria, where she tutors broadcasting and media writing courses.  Sarah is a published author with renowned international academic journals including Media, War and Conflict and the Journal of African Media Studies.  Sarah has presented several papers in many international conferences including the Political Studies Association Annual Conferences and The 69th International Communication Association (ICA).

In 2015, Sarah partnered with her husband, Engr. Kenneth Chidiebere Joe to create The JOE Students Motivation and Reward Token (JSMART).  JSMART rewards the student with the highest score in Science and Technology Reporting with funds equivalent to a year’s school fees.

In early March 2020 and amid COVID-19, Sarah created Elanhub, a news and media website. She serves as the platform’s CEO, while her team is made up of her former students and graduates from the Mass Communication Department of the Rivers State University, Nigeria.


EDWARD Esene trained and practiced as a geologist before delving into management and consultancy after working in one of the leading venture capital firms in Nigeria.

With 15 years consulting and training experience for leading indigenous companies and multinationals within and outside Nigeria, Edward is now a much sought after business startup coach, digital consultant, trainer, Christian counsellor and tech evangelist.

In January 2020, Edward was appointed the Volunteer coordinator of daystar business community. He facilitates at the prestigious daystar business academy (DBA) and other top business and management schools in Nigeria. He is also an Alumnus, School for Startups, UK.

Edward is a SME Expert & frequent guest on Business Morning, Channels TV, and served as a Consultant on the FG Youwin Project, Presidency Amnesty programme, BoI Yes-P & GEF programmes, TEF & VC4Africa Mentor and the Global Startup Weekend Mentor & Judge.

He is also an Executive Director at Internet4Development (i4D); a social enterprise is helping communities in Africa change their narrative by leveraging the internet 

Edward currently works as Senior Consultant @KINETIC ASSOCIATES and co-Founder, Plus Innovation Hub.

He is also a CGE New-York Global Scholars awardee on Platform Management & Digital Strategy.

He recently completed two (2) books that will soon be released this year. CROWDED: a book on Personal Branding and “Digital Majority” – how individuals and organizations can leverage tech and online platforms for growth and improved results.

A Google Partner on #DigitalSkills4Africa, SME Consultant for SMEDAN, BOI and Sterling Banks; and an IBM Partner leading a team of tech consultants in Nigeria.

Edward is a Super Eagles of Nigeria & Chelsea FC fan. He loves playing video games & CHESS

His views are primarily shaped by The Bible, Data and Global Awareness.


JOEL Osebor is the Co-founder of Fragrance of Grace International, and the President of Fragrance Equip. He had his early Christian experience in his family and grew in faith at The ESOCS Church, where he served in different capacities as a youth leader, church secretary, and facilitator. He cut his niche in church growth and management at Daystar Christian Centre, where he oversaw the growth and establishment of several cell centers, a core trainer for Daystar Business Academy, and a faculty member at the prestigious Daystar Leadership Academy. He pastored briefly and supported the church planting of WhiteOlive Christian Assembly before taking up the role of a Church Administrator at Household of Christ Church, MD, United States.

In the last 15years, he has supported several ministries, churches, and organisations to reshape their visions and strategies, trained their workforce, developed discipleship programs, and set up their processes for effective ministry. He is a conference speaker, teacher, author, and consultant to several organisations in Europe, Africa and the United States of America. His deepest desire is to see individuals live out the best of themselves overcoming life’s limitations and barriers. The recovery and restoration of God’s purposes and plans for individuals, families, communities, and nations are the driving force of his life and ministry.

He has a Masters-in-Divinity, an alumnus of Daystar Leadership Academy, a member of the Purpose Driven Network, a member of Society of Church Consulting, United States, a Certified Christian Counselor from International Institute of Faith Based Counseling (IIFBC), United States,  an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC), and a graduate studies student at Western Governors University (MBA, IT Management), Utah. He is the Lead Consultant at Conedge Consulting Group LLC, an IT and Management Consulting firm in Maryland, United States.

He is married and blessed with children.

After the introduction, Solomon Agba yielded to Mrs. Joe, who functioned as the event’s moderator.  See Sarah’s opening statement in the attached downloadable document.

In summary, Joel delineated the political and economic factors at play amid COVID-19 and detailed how these elements are crucial to thriving in the face of adversity.  He also outlined five key factors that are key to excelling in the face of difficult problems.  We have attached Joel’s slides below.

After a brief recap of Joel’s points, Sarah yielded to Edward, who spoke on the theme: CREATING OPPORTUNITIES IN ADVERSITY WITHIN THE LOCAL SPHERE. Like Joel, Edward pointed to some key factors that are essential for rising above seeming unsurmountable challenges.  But, more importantly, he detailed the areas/sectors in Online, Offline and Government environments that attendees could presently engage with even amid COVID-19.  To further buttress his point, Edward outlined his lived experience and successes owing to his ability to leverage on the opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.  We have attached Edward’s slides below.

Following the remarkable success of THRIVE 1.0, Solomon Agba and members of his team including Kalio Joseph and Kingsley Ukaulor have already started working on 2.0.  More details will be provided as we receive them.  As an added bonus, we have embedded the video for THRIVE 1.0.  Please enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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