RSU Professor Tests positive for COVID-19, pens emotional letter

COVID-19 Rivers State

A Rivers State University Professor has allegedly tested positive for COVID-19. Based on documents circulating the social media space, the professor reached out to NCDC, after experiencing some COVID-19 symptoms.

The professor was subsequently admitted to the hospital and tests were carried out, confirming his status.

The Professor is said to have left the following message:

“I am at peace with my God and I am stable.

“I have placed myself with full confidence under the case of the Patriotic Medical and Health workers of the Covid 19 Management Team here and wish to thank these our Frontline Warriors for their sacrifice and commitment in this frightening raging Silent War.

“I confirm my belief in the advisory that being Covid 19 Positive is not a death sentence, but it is, however far better not to experience what I am going through now.

“Covid 19 is real, please obey the safety protocols prescribed by the WHO, the NCDC and other relevant Agencies.

“What lies ahead for me, is a live life Examination. I believe that if I follow the instructions and medication correctly, I will pass and earn the Return Ticket back to life.

“If I don’t, then I fail the examination, and get Withdrawn for life.

“I hold myself to the same standard to which I have held my students across the years- to follow legitimate instructions, do your present best and leave the rest to God in whom I have implicit personal confidence …”


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