Reno Omokiri: Spending On Your Girlfriend is Stupidity

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Outspoken Author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has announced that only a man’s wife, mother, daughter & unmarried sisters are entitled to his money and not his girlfriend.

Reno who disclosed this on his social media handle today, saidiIt is satan that ‘blesses’ foolish men who waste their money on loose women. He said the act of spending or sponsoring your girlfriend’s lifestyle is stupid. If a guy wants to express love to his girlfriend, he should write her a letter, he noted

He said “Don’t think you are doing charity by sponsoring your girlfriend’s lifestyle. Actually, you are doing stupidity. God blesses you for blessing your mother, wife and sister,”

“To express love to girlfriend, write her a letter; To express love to wife, writer her a fat check, To express love to mother, writer her a fatter check,” Reno asserted. The outspoken Reno, is not known to hide his opinion on issues. He speaks on different issues ranging from Politics, Lifestyle, and others on his social media platform.

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