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NASRDA Reveals Why it Cannot Monitor Activities of Bandits

Nigeria/International News

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), has reacted to calls by Nigerians for activities of bandits and kidnappersĀ to be monitored with satellite.

Director-general of the Agency, Halilu Shaba said inadequate satellite and other facilities are factors hindering the agency from Monitoring the activities of bandits and others.

He called for more sophisticated satellites, as the ones available are definitely not enough for such task.

“The Satellite is not static where the insurgency is taking place. That is why one satellite is not adequate. What Nigeria has tthereĀ are some two satellites doing two different things,” he said.

The DG also said waves received by the agency from remote areas shows the bandits no longer use (GSM) phones, but walkie-talkie for communication.

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