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ESOCS Devotional 4 May 2021: Keep Track

ESOCS Daily Devotional

ESOCS Devotional 4 May 2021

TEXT: 2 SAMUEL 23:8-23

MEMORY VERSE:  “These be the names of the mighty men whom David had …”  (2 Samuel 23:8 KJV)

History is defined as “The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.” Generations to come will have knowledge of our activities today, as individuals and as a Church if we keep record of them. What we do not know today, is what the people of the ages past failed to record and preserve. In our text today, we see and know men who were excellent in their duty, as soldiers that worked with David, the man of God.

The need for record keeping and preservation of records is paramount both for individuals and groups like the Church of God. It is a source of knowledge and knowledge they say is power. No doubt, from the record we read of early men of God, we gather the strength to be consistent in our faith in Christ. We must start now to keep records. David kept record of not just the things he did as king, he kept record of his songs and prayers. In our text, we read of his record of mighty men of war, and their exploits through the grace of God: “and the LORD wrought a great victory that day….” (vv. 8-12).

If we keep track of the things we do, the way we live our life, the kind of thoughts we engage ourselves, the type of actions or reactions we take, we would be able to assess our lifestyle and make it to conform to God’s ways. Keeping such records would help us know when we have fallen and begun to live a life of sin. Once we recognise this truth, we would fight sin with determination and win.  

God is willing to help those who desire victory over sin and other troubles of life. All we need to do is to be diligent in keeping records of the things we do, and being conscious to do only the things that are right and acceptable to God.

  • Are you keeping records of your lifestyle?
  • Father, give me the grace to direct my life rightly in your ways
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FURTHER READING: Mark 14:53-65; Jeremiah 38:1-13; James 4:1-12

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ESOCS Devotional 4 May 2021

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