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ESOCS Devotional 30 May 2020 – Be a Champion of the Oppressed

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ESOCS Devotional 30 May

TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 20:18-42

 MEMORY VERSE:“Why should he die? Jonathan replied. What has he done?” 1 Samuel 20:32

In every community or family, there comes a time when a man is persecuted for no just cause. In most cases, such a man is destined for a special mission. People see him as a threat to their own ambition. This is the scenario in our text today. Saul sees David as a threat to his family sustenance of the kingship of Israel. While he planned to eliminate David, his son Jonathan was there standing out against the evil plan.

As Christians, we should practise this kind of selfless life style that cares for the welfare of others, even when we are not sure of our own safety. This should be so, particularly when the one concerned is weak and helpless. Our service to assist in the welfare of others is a way we work for God. Jonathan is Saul’s son. David was a threat to his inheritance. Yet, he cared for David’s welfare, despite his father’s attitude to David. In verse18, 23, and 24a, we read thus, “Then Jonathan said to him, Since tomorrow is the new moon festival, your absence will be noticed if you are not at the meal … As for the promise we have made for each other; the LORD will make sure that we will keep it forever. So David hid in the fields…”

One of the things that mark a man out, as a Man of God is the boldness to stand on the side of the Lord and of truth at all times, no matter the circumstances. Men of the world love falsehood and see nothing wrong in using it to destroy the innocent. But such evil cannot happen unchallenged when real men of God are present. Jonathan was a man of God. He stood out against his father’s evil desire against David (verses 25-32). In verse 31 and 32, Saul said,“Don’t you realize that as long as David  is alive, you will never be king of this country? Now go and bring him here-he must die! Why should he die? Jonathan said, What has he done?”

The attack you get for standing on the side of the Lord or truth cannot destroy you. If we fear what men of the world will do to us for standing out to defend the cause of the innocent, then we will never be able to live an accomplished Christian live. Jonathan escaped Saul’s attempt to kill him. In verses 33 and 34, we read,“At that, Saul threw his spear at Jonathan to kill him…Jonathan got up from the table in a rage and ate nothing…he was deeply distressed about David.

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There is great joy and divine reward in defending the cause of the innocent and oppressed. God fights the cause of those who act as champions of the oppressed. In verses 41 and 42 we read, “…David got up…fell on his knees and bowed with his face to the ground three times. Both he and Jonathan were crying as they kissed each other …Jonathan said to David, God will make sure that you and I, and your descendants and mine, will forever keep the sacred promise we have made to each other…”

ESOCS Devotional 30 May – CHALLENGES: How will you feel if people persecute you for no just cause, and those who know the truth keep quiet without defence for you?

PRAYER POINT: Oh God, keep me safe from the hands of those who love to persecute the innocent. Enable me to stand out for the weak and helpless always, in Jesus name. Amen

FURTHER READING: 1 Samuel 21:1-15; Revelation 22:1-11; 22:12-20


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