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ESOCS Devotional 23 February 2021: The Shepherd and The Sheep

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ESOCS Devotional 23 February 2021


MEMORY VERSE: “Since we have planted spiritual seed among you, aren’t we entitled to a harvest of physical food and drink?” 1 Corinthians 9:11 NLT

As simple as this may seem, it is a very important issue about which the body of Christ, especially in this part of the world, has received heavy criticism on the negative trend. It has become the order of the day that certain persons, for whatever reasons, jump to the pulpit in the name of Ministry. Immediately on arrival at the pulpit, they begin to seek for the priest’s meat without first raising a healthy congregation. This has really posed a great challenge to the church that people now develop unusual resentment for ministers of the gospel once the topic of seed sowing is raised.

Apostle Paul in his days also received this kind of criticism to the extent that his apostolic mandate was questioned. In recent times, we have seen that ministers are questioned and even discredited; but this was how Paul responded to their confrontation in 1 Corinthians 9:2: “Even if others think I am not an apostle, I certainly am to you. You yourselves are proof that I am the Lord’s apostle.”

Here, Paul began to show forth the proof of his stewardship as an Apostle. He dared his accusers. He said, “If you can’t find any evidence at all, here is the church at Corinth, I nurtured them. Therefore, I have the right to receive of your physical welfare, cares, and donation.”

The surest way for the shepherd to receive from the sheep and not be guilty is to solve the problem of the sheep. Then and only then will he receive unrestrained loyalty and favour from men against all forms of criticism. Men will always reward results.

To balance this equation, the sheep should also know that those who live by the altar eat that which pertains to the altar. As much as the shepherd has watered and fed your spiritual hunger and appetite, he should also be watered. So, what then is wrong if you water him with physical cares? (1 Cor. 9:14).

A sure way of covenant access to open heavens is when you sow into the life of priests, ministers, and leaders over you. This has been tested and proven with 100% accuracy. Examples of those who followed this principle and their generations are still reaping of it are Abraham who sowed to Melchizedek; the widow of Zarephath sowed to Elijah; the Shunammite to Elisha, etc.

No doubt this concept has been blown out of proportion in recent times by greedy ministers, those who want to break the law of process and even those who are not genuinely called. However, it must be done with deep understanding and revelation.

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Desire to feed the flock rather than be fed of the flock.


Dear Lord, I choose the pathway of Jesus the good Shepherd. Help me to serve the flock of God committed to my care.

FURTHER READING: Amos 2:1-16; Isaiah 47:10-15; Luke 7:11-23

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ESOCS Devotional 23 February 2021


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