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DCLM Daily Manna 17 February 2023 – Judgment and Justice

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DCLM Daily Manna 17 February 2023

KEY VERSE:- “Then hear thou from heaven, and do, and judge thy servants, by requiting the wicked, by recompensing his way upon his own head; and by justifying the righteous, by giving him according to his righteousness.” – (2 Chronicles 6:23)

TEXT: 2 Chronicles 6:22-31 (KJV)

22 “When anyone wrongs their neighbor and is required to take an oath and they come and swear the oath before your altar in this temple, 23 then hear from heaven and act. Judge between your servants, condemning the guilty and bringing down on their heads what they have done, and vindicating the innocent by treating them in accordance with their innocence.

24 “When your people Israel have been defeated by an enemy because they have sinned against you and when they turn back and give praise to your name, praying and making supplication before you in this temple, 25 then hear from heaven and forgive the sin of your people Israel and bring them back to the land you gave to them and their ancestors.

26 “When the heavens are shut up and there is no rain because your people have sinned against you, and when they pray toward this place and give praise to your name and turn from their sin because you have afflicted them, 27 then hear from heaven and forgive the sin of your servants, your people Israel. Teach them the right way to live, and send rain on the land you gave your people for an inheritance.

28 “When famine or plague comes to the land, or blight or mildew, locusts or grasshoppers, or when enemies besiege them in any of their cities, whatever disaster or disease may come, 29 and when a prayer or plea is made by anyone among your people Israel—being aware of their afflictions and pains, and spreading out their hands toward this temple— 30 then hear from heaven, your dwelling place. Forgive, and deal with everyone according to all they do, since you know their hearts (for you alone know the human heart), 31 so that they will fear you and walk in obedience to you all the time they live in the land you gave our ancestors.

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William Shakespeare once wrote a poem about the divine justice of God in contrast with men’s justice. “May one be pardoned, and retain the offence? In the corrupted currents of this world, offence’s gilded hand may shove by justice. And oft ‘tis seen the wicked prize itself buys out the law. But ‘tis not so above. There is no shuffling, there the action lies in his true nature”. How poignant!

Here, we read of the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem by King Solomon. He called on God to hear the prayers of the people and to forgive and restore the repentant so that the people might fear Him and walk in His ways. He specifically requested that God requite the wicked and justify the righteous.

Judgment is consistent with love. A God of love must be a God of justice. His justice balances His love and makes His acts meaningful. The world is corrupt and polluted with sin. For a long time, God had regretted that He had made man on the earth. Every imagination of man’s heart had been evil continually. Will man continue in his wilful disobedience and rebellion against God? No, for “…He hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness…” (Acts 17:31).

In justice and righteousness will Christ judge all ungodly deeds of men: secret sins, every idle words such as gossip, backbiting and slander; all foolish and non-edifying corrupt practices. God’s judgment will be without partiality or respect of persons.

He will judge the great and the small, the rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, the highly respected and the most despised. The God of justice will receive no bribe to pervert judgment on the great day. Fortunately, true believers whose names are written in the Book of Life will not face the judgment since their judgment has already taken place at the point of salvation and their sins cleansed by Christ.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God justifies the just and judges the unjust.


Thank you for studying today’s Daily Manna – Judgment and Justice – by Pastor W.F Kumuyi

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Daily Manna 17 February 2023

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