A Large Dwelling Place

Daily Manna


TEXT: Joshua 15:21-47

KEY VERSE: “Ashdod with her towns and her villages, Gaza with her towns and her villages, unto the river of Egypt, and the great sea, and the border thereof.” – (Joshua 15:47).

God owns much more than any human could imagine. The earth is His and its fullness. There can be no restraint to His bestowals from any quarter or power, either in heaven or on earth or underneath the earth.

The description of the territory to be occupied by Judah as captured in the Bible passage today shows an expensive land. This land covers the Southern part of Edinburgh through the wilderness of Zin, including all the cities of Ashdod and Gaza unto the river of Egypt (the Red Sea) and the Great Sea that washes the coast of most cities of the Philistines.

The scriptural phrase, “…For as the man is, so is his strength…” (Judges 8:21) plays out in the case of the tribe of Judah. This tribe had seasoned warlords like Caleb and his nephew Othniel, and other Kenezites. As such, God apportioned them land that must be secured through armed struggle.

God knows who we are and what will satisfy us. Therefore, in life battles, we must quit seeing ourselves as mere men and bear in mind that nothing worthwhile comes easy. Our responsibility then is to maintain a mindset like Caleb and other members of the tribe of Judah to subdue the heathen and possess our possession. This is in line with God’s word that we shall possess “the uttermost parts of the earth” (Psalm 2:8).

Beyond earthly possessions, we have a great city to possess – a Kingdom not built with human hands; a City inhabited by the Triune God. We must give our best to enter heaven so as to enjoy the eternal rest and bliss this glorious City affords.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God’s promised blessings are great and expansive. Go for them!



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