ESOCS Devotional 15 July 2020 - Proving God's Power

19 May 2020 ESOCS Devotional – All Sufficient God; He Empowers Whom He Anoints

ESOCS Daily Devotional
19 May ESOCS Devotional

TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 10:17-27


“When Saul turned to leave Samuel, God gave Saul a new nature. And everything Samuel had told him, happened that day” 1 Samuel 10:9 GV

The God we serve is all-sufficient. Unlike human beings, God is perfectly loaded in all aspects and can satisfy all it takes to serve His purpose in the life of whosoever He chooses. In our text today, we read of Saul, the chosen pioneer king of Israel.

God does not hide his acts of recognition of whosoever He chooses for His service. He gives the signal to those in charge physically and spiritually. It starts with directing the king makers to recognize, appoint, and announce you to the world. In verse 1 of our text, we see Samuel (as a seer and leader) recognize, anoint, and announce Saul. It reads, “Then Samuel took a jar of oil and poured it on Saul’s head, kissed him, and said, “The LORD anoints you as ruler of his people.”

The first thing that happens in the life of anyone who encounters God is the spiritual renewal that takes away the old nature. You cannot work with God with a sinful nature. He is the one that purges you once you accept Him. Saul believed and accepted the word of God by Samuel, and God changed his nature. In verse 9, we read, “When Saul turned to leave Samuel God gave Saul a new nature. And everything Samuel told him happened that day.”

It is a point in life that everyone who is in Christ must reach and experience: the experience of a new nature. It does not end in you having a feeling of the power of God in your life but in also noticing the disappearance of the old self. In verses 2, 9, and 14 of our text, we confirm that by the word of Samuel the donkeys Saul sought for were actually found.

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Again, we do not only receive a new nature, we manifest what we receive. One sure way to recognize those who are servants of God is that they produce the fruit of the new nature. You cannot be manifesting sinful acts and claim that the spirit of righteousness rules your life. In verse 10, we read of Saul that “the Spirit of God took control of him and he joined their ecstatic dancing and shouting” (See also verses 11, 12).

Let us understand that what God desires from us is to believe and accept His word. It makes no sense and gives no profit to struggle with and resist the word of God. Those who accept God are empowered by God in all aspects of life; and the grace of God is sufficient to see them through life experience and lead them to eternal life. (See Psalm 128, John 3:16).

CHALLENGE: Can you say that truly you manifest the fruit of the Spirit of God?

PRAYER POINT: I thank you Father for your Spirit and power in my life. May your nature continue to manifest in my life. Thank you for your mercies, in Jesus name! Amen.

19 May ESOCS Devotional: FURTHER READING: 1 Samuel 11:1-15; Rev 11:1-10; 11: 11-19


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