Wike’s Threat: “Is Gov Wike Now Trying To Disown The Monsters He Made?” – Lenu

Rivers State

Spokesperson of Civil Society Organizations in Rivers State, Solomon Lenu has reacted to Governor, Nyesom Wike’s threat to demolish hotels used by politicians to recruit cultists.

Wike, had in a state-wide broadcast on Sunday, said he would demolish any hotel used by politicians to recruit cultists.

However, Lenu in a statement Today asked the Governor series of questions.

His statement reads,

Few Questions For Him:

Under which party, or under whose watch was known cultist recruited into politics the most in all of Rivers state history?

Who is the Gov in Nigeria known for giving chieftaincy titles (Staff Of Office), to known cultist, thugs and hoodlums?

Who were those groups who led the Wike’s campaign train in 2014 & 2019 alike, as civilian security men with arms and ammunition which we all saw? 

Or is Gov Wike now trying to disown the monsters he made after achieving his motives with them?

“He who MUST come to equity must come with clean hands”. Therefore, Gov Wike should not polarise the 2023 electoral climate of our dear State, as we are working hard & hoping to usher in a new political paradigm in the forthcoming elections.

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