WATCH! Editi’s Fishbone – A Short Film On Narcotrafficking In Nigeria

WATCH! Editi’s Fishbone – A short film on Narcotrafficking in Nigeria


Editi Effiong, the Nollywood’s Movie Producer credited with the successful movie Up North, has on May 1, released a short film titled Fishbone.

We judge that this movie is a success especially because it deals with a critical national/international concern – Narcotrafficking.

Fishbone features the new face of Nollywood’s Crime genre, Shaffy Bello. Shaffy who plays Mama T (Tope) in the short flick, runs a drug cartel with Mashood Fataah as her poster stooge. Mama T gets a dose of her own poison as her granddaughter dies from her counterfeit product.

Fishbone is shot in the slums of Makoko in Lagos state, Nigeria’s commercial and industrial hub. We judge that the choice of Makoko is strategic, as it draws attention to one of the most contested sites in Lagos.

You can watch the movie here!

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