UK Approves Game-Changing COVID-19 Test


The UK Government has approved a newly COVID-19 testing set by scientists. Scientific experts at the Portorn down facility of Public Health England (PHE) developed a new antibody testing for the dreaded coronavirus.

National Cordinator of the UK COVID-19 testing, Prof. John Newton made this known in a statement.  He said the Swiss pharmaceuticals company carried out the independent evaluation of the blood test developed. The examination shows that the test has an accuracy of 100%.

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson of the Dept of Health and Social care (DHSC), stated that the testing is one of the most important strategies to help curb the spread of the COVID-19. She noted that they are exploring the use of antibody testing across the nation.

The test is developed to help check if a person has the virus and if they have developed antibodies against it.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has so far called the antibody testing a “game-changer” as it may reveal how many people have had COVID-19.

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