RSPC Arrests Couple Involved in Alleged Child Abuse

Ten-year-old Nailed, Labelled Wizard by Parents

Rivers State

Stakeholders have called for the arrest of a couple accused of physically abusing and torturing their 10-year old son with a nail for stealing a plate of food in Eneka, Rivers State.

Chigozie Effe made this known on Facebook handle yesterday. He also stated that the victim was also being labelled a wizard by his parents.

Effe, stated that he found the little boy wandering the streets with wounds all over his body. Chigozie alleged that the victim was sent out of the house by the parents after their pastor had revealed that he is a wizard.

“For fetching a plate of food from the pot without the consent of his parents, 10-year-old Goodluck had his body redesigned and sent to the streets,” Effe said.

“He said his Dad tied him and used nail on him as can be seen in photo below. When contacted this morning, the mum of Goodluck said “ My son is a witch, that is why he is behaving this way,”

“Asked how she arrived at that conclusion, she said her pastor told her that the boy is a witch. When contacted earlier today, father of Goodluck was dead drunk and could not answer questions posed to him” part of the statement read.

Many persons have reacted to Chigozie’s post, demanding for the arrest of the parents and justice for the victim.


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