SARS allegedly chase Timi Matholo to Death

Rivers State

Many in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital have been thrown into mourning following the death of Timi Matholo.

Timi was reportedly involved in a car chase involving some SARS officials, which he thought were kidnappers. The said officials chased Matholo around the Amadi/Odili Road towards Woji town in Port Harcourt. In Timi’s bid to avoid a head-on collision with other motorists and tricyclists, he lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle somersaulted many times before going off the road.

Timi was pronounced dead in the hospital owing to internal bleeding and injuries to parts of his body, including broken neck and ribs.


2 thoughts on “SARS allegedly chase Timi Matholo to Death

  1. The mode of operation of SARS officers makes it difficult to differentiate them from kidnappers. No uniform and no official vehicle. Was the same thing in this particular case that’s why he sped off thinking they were criminals. They didn’t even bother to take him to a hospital when he crashed yet they say the police is our friend… #JusticeForTimi

  2. One death too many. When will this madness stop in this country.? Ph pple, dis one never reach to come out STAGE BETTER PROTEST??? Is it until they finish killing us? Chima the Ikoku mechanic was killed by police officers of mile one police station, till today, how far? E don do.

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