RSG Shut Down Spar’s Black-Friday To Promote Wike’s Hypercity BF – Lenu

Rivers State

Solomon Lenu, spokesperson of the Rivers State Civil Society Organizations has alleged that the state government stopped Spar’s Black-Friday to promote Governor, Nwesom Wike’s Hypercity Black-Friday.

Lenu disclosed this in a statement on Friday, while reacting to a court order restraining Spar from going ahead with its “Black Friday.”

His statement reads,


Truth Beyond Sentiment Shows That Wike Is Actually Destroying Rivers Economy Than Building it.

Take off the sentiment, put emotions aside, kill your bias for few minutes to dispassionately analyse the happenings in the state, then you will realise that the one who claims to be developing the state, is actually destroying it with his tyranny and gr

Spar has operated in Rivers state for over eight years now, it was here before Wike became Governor. Every year they do their “Black Friday” event just to connect with their customers by reducing item prices, and to make more sales.

A month ago, Hypercity retail store was launched and commissioned by Gov Wike. A retail store many has said belonged to him (Wike). Hypercity does the same thing as Spar.

SPAR was supposed to start it BLACK-FRIDAY sales today the 18th of Nov 2022. Hypercity went ahead to put their own BLACK-FRIDAY today too, only for SPAR to get a magistrate court injunction with flimsy excuses, preventing Spar from going ahead with its BLACK-FRIDAY sales event.

This is exactly the same thing the PDP under Wike is doing to other political parties in the state.

So tell me, which thorough or astute business venture will come to such environment where one man with so much power, is always interfering with everything? Wike wants to own everything in the state, but he could at least allow other existing businesses he met on ground to survive. Other than killing them for his own business alone which cannot serve the growing need for economic opportunities in the state.

Anyways, his hallelujah singers will still believe that saying this truth is borne out of hate. But it is sad because the people and the state cannot grow this way.

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