Rivers 2023: “Marvin Yobana Cannot Influence 10 Votes in His Community” – Lenu

Rivers State

Few hours after Marvin Yobana, an Ogoni son declared support for governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, SIM Fubara, another Ogoni son, Solomon Lenu has said that he has no moral justification to speak for Ogoni youths.

Lenu who is the spokesperson of the Rivers State Civil Society Organizations, in a statement said a man in his 50’s has no locus standi to speak and decide for the youths of Ogoni land.

He alleged that Marvin cannot influence 10 votes in his community, and cannot work against the candidacy of any Ogoni man.

His statement reads,

When You Here Marvin Yobana, what Comes To Your Mind?

Marvin cannot influence 10votes in his community of Kono.

Marvin Won’t also work against any Ogóni man’s candidacy.

What does Marvin Nyobana do for a living? (Very important for SIM to find out).

A man in his 50’s has no locus standi to speak for the youths. 

When your expectations from Marvin goes south, please drag the name of Marvin Nyobana, don’t drag the name of Ogóni, otherwise..

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