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NCDC: Sudden loss of taste and smell are symptoms of COVID-19


The Nigeria Centre of Disease Control (NCDC) has stated that a sudden loss of taste and smell with fever, headache or runny nose may be as a result of the COVID-19.

The centre made this known on its Twitter handle, warning Nigerians  not to ignore these symptoms. It equally advised residents to call their state hotline immediately, they experience any of such symptoms. 

NCDC further announced that anyone with cough and/or fever (or history of fever in the last 2 weeks) with one or more symptoms such as headache, difficulty in breathing, running nose, sore throat, body and abdominal pain, dizziness and tiredness should not hesitate to contact their state hotlines.

Meanwhile, there have been series of complaints by Nigerians over the loss of sense of smell and taste. While some are scared and believe it is strange, others believe there is no cause for alarm, as they are simply symptoms of malaria and typhoid.

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