Thou shalt not Sneeze

Living amid Covid (1): “Thou shalt not SNEEZE”!

Covid Diary

Although I am used to isolated living owing in part to my line of work and personal preference, the stay-at-home order in Britain since 24 March 2020, had begun to take its toll on me. It is one thing to deliberately choose to physically separate oneself, but another to be forced to, especially when there is a deadly pestilence, lurking around, seeking whom to devour. PS: I can hear Mama whispering under her breath: “the blood of Jesus”!  Yes, like many Nigerian mothers, my mum is a devout Christian. She does not joke with “the Blood”!

So, yesterday, I decided to go grocery shopping. It was the first time in three weeks since I stepped outside my house. I had run out of food and, therefore, needed to re-stock. 

As a typical Naija babe, I had quickly bought everything I felt I’ll be needing for upwards of three months, just before the compulsory stay-at-home order.  However, there are those precious items called “fruits and veg”, that one may not be able to store for a long time.  I had finished eating my collection of Bananas, Avocados, Pears, Oranges, Lemons and Limes.  My fridge looked kind of sad without Broccolis, Carrots, Spinach and yes, Celery. 

Like most people, I know that these items are key to keeping my immunity level on point, assist my Wellwoman (if you know, you know) function better, and generally keep “things” tight!  But, with these items gone, my body was telling me there’s something missing in my life.

In addition to the joy of stepping outside the house, I was particularly happy because it was a sunny day.  If you live in the UK, you’ll understand just how rare such days can be.  With caution, I put on a generous amount of hand sanitizer, grabbed a jacket, carefully opened my door, and stepped into the light.  The feeling was priceless. 

With shopping bag in hand and a very long list, I approached my favourite grocery shop, Tesco.  FYI, I have a favourite shop for virtually everything. 

On arriving Tesco, however, there was a very long queue.  I quickly made the decision to go to another shop.  This time, the Afro-Caribbean shop, even though I was not sure they’ll be open given COVID-19. Much to my surprise, the shop was open.  I went in and quickly grabbed everything I needed from the shop.

But, just as I was about to step out, an average-aged guy made an attempt to sneeze. Like clockwork, everyone in the shop sharply turned their gaze at the man as if to say: hey man, thou shalt not sneeze.  I found myself saying, in my mum’s voice: the blood of Jesus! 

The man or should I say the sneeze immediately got the message, and returned from whence it was supposed to come.  As if on cue, people began leaving the shop. Those who already purchased items, went to the counter to make payment. 

I had finished buying and paid for my items, so I left the shop with a lot on my mind. When will things return to normal? Is thou shalt not sneeze going to be our new normal, post COVID-19?

I’ll be going out again, tomorrow or next. I still need my precious veggies. But, I have to figure out the best time to go to Tesco. Meanwhile, how are you coping? You can tell me in the comment section below. DO STAY SAFE!


6 thoughts on “Living amid Covid (1): “Thou shalt not SNEEZE”!

  1. Quite an interesting storyline.

    I guess it’s been a very trying time globally. It’s more like the saying, “to your tent, Oh Israel!”

    Anyways, over here in the city of Lagos, Chevron Drive precisely, it’s been quite good enough. I have driven out a couple of times (within the neighbourhood) to the supermarket (EBEANO) amidst the COVID 19 lockdown. Usually, I meet a lot of people all lined up waiting to go into the supermarket one after another. So, one day, a beautiful young lady ran into me right inside the supermarket – she was seeing a movie on her phone and shopping simultaneously. I didn’t even know how to feel. I was just pondering the possibility of contracting the virus through that body contact. I could remember saying to myself, the Blood of Jesus, I can’t have the virus. LOL.

    In all honesty, this corona-virus has eaten down into the minds of virtually everyone. I just hope a vaccine for this pandemic comes out soonest. While that is yet to happen, be Elan, be all that you can ever be.


  2. Thou shall not sneeze! – what our world has become within Few weeks: the author did not mention wearing face mask, which helps when going out. I know I have God for my protection but hey I don’t leave my house without hand gloves, face mask and hand sanitizer. I avoid the public markets – here in Abuja markets open every 2days for 4 hours : why? plenty Of people I mean so many people squeezing, bumping into each other. So I opt to go to the big supermarkets where there is a little bit of social distancing: Though I don’t find my favourite Veggies for soup or meat etc, but I have my piece of mind; and when get home I remove all clothings, straight to the washer, have a bath before I hug my little boy. Are we doing enough to stay safe.? But let’s do our bit – God is our ultimate protector.

    1. I love the way you presented the storyline. Quite impressive.

      Somehow, not everyone will be able to purchase groceries from some supermarkets where we have less crowd. But, man must find a way to improvise by all means.

      I hope all of this COVID 19 will come to an end soon. God help us all.

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