IGO AGUMA: APC Rivers & Prospects for Progress – Full Text

Rivers State

Today’s judgement offers an opportunity to our great party All Progressives Congress to genuinely imbibe democratic tenets and values in keeping with the Party’s Constitution. It also offers the APC in Rivers state the chance to show that our party respects the rule of Law, is law abiding and has no choice than to be built on constitutional democracy.

Furthermore, we as a Party now have the opportunity for genuine reconciliation and peace driven not by the principal actors in our long drawn crises but by the statutory members the state executive committee, which the principal actors are bonafide members.

I urge all party men and women to come together to explore options for peace and progress as Progressives. In doing so, it should be such that does not and must not place the survival and interest of the party in the hands of any individual in any guise but all stakeholders. APC is bigger than any one man or woman and as long as you are a member of this party you are a stakeholder. Hence the tradition for internal democracy in our great party must be our watchword if we must make progress. This should not be compromised.

The caretaker committee under my watch will implement all court judgements especially the supreme court judgement on the conduct of our party congresses which is at the root of the current crisis in the Party.

May I state for the umpteenth time that there was absolutely nothing personal in this struggle for the rescue of our party through the Court. It was for our collective good and I give the credit to God and your prayers. It was not about Igo Aguma. It was about us as a people and I promise never to join to compromise this struggle for justice as we continue the engagement and conversation for the life of our party and your interest.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Rt Hon Igo Aguma
All Progressives Congress.
Rivers State.


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