Group Calls on President Buhari To Intervene in Ogoni Crisis

Rivers State

A group known as the Conscience of Ogoni People has called on President Muhammad Buhari to end an alleged spate of crime and criminality in Ogoni land.

Leader of the group, Gani Toba in an open letter to the President today, demanded the deployment of a joint taskforce to help curb cult related crimes and insecurity in the land. He said if the insecurity in the area is not addressed, it may affect economic activities of the federal government, including the ongoing clean up.

Gani stated that the murder of villagers, sacking of communities and beheading of people by alleged cultists have become the order of the day. He also said despite the efforts of security agencies, crime and criminality have continued.

Gani Toba equally appealed to the FG to direct the Attorney of General of the federation to take legal actions, this is to ensure that the conviction of late Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 others is  upturned.

He noted that upturning the conviction is part of the issues that must be addressed, before the return of oil exploration in Ogoni land. Gani appealed to the president to act and save the people from being massacred on a daily basis.

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