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ESOCS Devotional 4 November 2020: Watch and Be Sober

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ESOCS Devotional 4 November


MEMORY VERSE: “Therefore let us not sleep, as do others, but let us watch and be sober.” 1 Thessalonians 5: 6 KJV

Sleep is a good thing because it rests and rejuvenates our body. But sleep can also be a bad thing, especially when inappropriately indulged. We can see how important it is for those who perform critical tasks to stay awake and remain alert. This will enable us to understand our own need to watch and be sober as we live the Christian life in the last days. This is the critical task, which God has given to us in this passage.  Some of the reasons for watching and being sober are:

  1. The approaching Day of the Lord (vs. 1–3)

The fact is that no man knows the exact time when Christ will return to take His raptured and resurrected saints up to heaven. Therefore, we must heed to the instructions of Jesus (Matthew 24: 36 & 42) and be alert at all times, for Christ will come when the world least expects. Watching requires much concentration and endurance. Jesus told His disciples to watch and pray lest they enter into temptation (Matthew 26: 40). He has also commanded us to be watchful until He returns. But unlike the disciples who received only rebuke when they were found asleep, for us the consequences of being found asleep when Christ returns will be a lot greater.

  • The danger of being found asleep (vs. 3–7). 

Sleep is an activity associated with night and darkness. Therefore, to be found asleep when Christ returns implies that one belongs to darkness rather than light. Christians are called the children of light and children of the day (v 5); therefore, have no business with sleep, which is for those of night and darkness. It is also a pointer to spiritual laziness; being idle and resting when one should be working out his salvation.

How are you expected to watch and be sober? Verses 8 – 11 of our text gives us details on how to watch and be sober.  You are expected to keep your mind in touch with reality (v. 8), not with distorted perceptions of life but able to all see things as God sees them.  Secondly, you must maintain your spiritual readiness by putting on your protective armour, which are faith, love, and hope of salvation (v. 8; Ephesians 6:10–18).

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These good spiritual virtues will help us remain in the light. We must trust in God’s faithfulness and help one another to press on by maintaining close relationship with one another (Hebrews 10: 24 – 25).


  • Jesus Christ is coming soon. What are the things that are hindering you from keeping watch and being sober?


  • Ask the Lord to help you in your watch and to be sober for His glorious return.

FURTHER READING: Job 7:1-10; 7:11-21; 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

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ESOCS Devotional 4 November


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