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ESOCS Devotional 27 May 2020 – With God the Trap of the Enemy Becomes a Stepping Stone

ESOCS Daily Devotional

ESOCS Devotional 27 May

TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 18:20-30

MEMORY VERSE: “Saul realized clearly that the LORD was with David and also that his daughter Michal loved David.” 1 Samuel 18:28

Indeed great times await those the Lord choose to set things right. They no doubt become the target all sorts of attacks, just to frustrate the mission of God. It is the way of the evil one. But alas, God is not only omniscient, He is also omnipotent. He knows all the evil plots against His will on earth and has the power to turn evil to a blessing for those that He truly chose. In our text today, we see the manifestation of this truth. David ought to be the man to favour and tolerate in Israel for his act of bravery that brought victory to Saul and Israel. However, here in our text we see the opposite. He became the one to be trapped by an evil plot by the very king that he saved from shame.

Nobody can bring you down if you focus on the right cause to achieve God’s mission in your life. Men cannot also deny you the benefit of your labour. Though they make the plot, but it shall not stand. One of the rewards for the man who defeats Goliath is to marry the king’s daughter (1 Sam. 17:25). Instead, King Saul decided to eliminate David. In verses 21 and 22, we read, “Saul’s daughter Michal fell in love with David. When Saul heard of this, he was pleased. He said to himself, I will give Michal to David. I will use her to trap him and he will be killed by the Philistines…”

One thing you should do in your bid to fulfill God’s will on earth is to maintain a sincere purpose and a heart of gratitude towards God. It is the secret shield for you and a sword against the enemy. In verse 23 of our text, we read of David’s reply to the King’s offer thus: “…It is a great honour to become the king’s son-in-law, too great for someone poor and insignificant like me.”

The power to overcome the enemy is in God. He gives it to the chosen ones. The enemy cannot entrap them. In verse 25, we read, “And Saul ordered them to tell David: All the king wants…as payment for the bride are foreskins of a hundred dead Philistines…this was how Saul planned to have David killed by the Philistine” At last, David killed two hundred Philistines to the shame of Saul (27).

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At the point when the Lord prevails over the wish of the enemy, they will have no option than to surrender to the will of God. The knowledge of this truth is the source of patience and commitment to the service of God by those who are truly converted (verses 27-30). In verse 27b and 28, we read, “So Saul had to give his daughter Michal in marriage to David. Saul realized clearly that the LORD was with David and also that his daughter Michal loved him.”

Let us therefore, not be deterred by the machinations of the evil ones among us. They will never prevail against the will of God in our lives. God gives us victory over their plans and by that victory make us more relevant and famous. In verse 30, we read, “…in every battle David was more successful than any of Saul’s other officers. As a result, David became very famous.”

ESOCS Devotional 27 May – CHALLENGES: Is there any man that can subdue the will of God in the life of God’s servant?

PRAYER POINT: My times are in your hands O LORD. Keep me safe by your power, in Jesus name.

FURTHER READING: 1 Samuel 19:1-17; Revelation 19:17–21; 20:1–15


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