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ESOCS Devotional 16 March 2023: Uncommon Grace Exemplified

ESOCS Daily Devotional

ESOCS Devotional 16 March 2023

TEXT: 1 KINGS 20:1-21

MEMORY VERSE: “Then a certain prophet came to see King Ahab of Israel and told him, “This is what the LORD says: Do you see all these enemy forces? Today I will hand them all over to you. Then you will know that I am the LORD.” 1 Kings 20:13 NLT

The amazing part of this story is the graciousness of the Lord to intervene on behalf of the Northern Kingdom and deliver them from two assaults by Syrian forces under King Benhadad. Surely King Ahab did not deserve such merciful treatment after he failed to stand up to Jezebel and repent of the nation’s idolatry upon the Lord’s dramatic demonstration of power and sovereignty directed against the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel in chapter 19. But King Ahab could not get out of his own way. Instead of trusting in the Lord for the future of the nation, he capitulated to King Benhadad and entered into a compromising political and economic treaty. He failed to cut off the head of Israel’s enemy when the Lord provided the opportunity and even the mandate to do so. The prophetic parable of imminent judgment was the predictable response by the Lord.

In 1 Kings 20:1-11, Benhadad sent Ahab a very insolent demand. Ahab sent a very disgraceful submission; sin brings men into such straits, by putting them out of the Divine protection. 

God showed up uninvited, this is uncommon grace and is akin to Jesus going to calvary to save sinners unsolicited.

Ahab must have gulped as he pondered what he had gotten himself into. He was faced with an opponent who greatly outnumbered him. It would take a miracle to save Israel from total annihilation. This is yet another occasion on which God is going to demonstrate His sovereignty. This great army will be handed over to Ahab and Israel on this very day. 

Ahab does not appear to doubt the words of this prophet. But then who else can he trust besides God? Here is a man who needs God’s help and knows it. Ahab inquires as to who should lead out in battle. The prophet informs him that it is to be the “servants of the district governors” (verse 14), all 232 of them (verse 15) It is those whom all would have considered “least likely to succeed” in this task. God is once again stacking the odds against Himself and His people to clearly demonstrate His presence and power to His people. God Gave them victory by his uncommon grace.

  • Have you been in a difficult situation where it appears hopeless?
  • Oh Lord by your sufficient grace, see me through all my difficult situations through Christ our savior.

FURTHER READING: Exodus 8:16-32; Mark 3: 31-35; 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

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ESOCS Devotional 16 March 2023

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