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ESOCS Devotional 11 November 2020: Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ

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ESOCS Devotional 11 November


MEMORY VERSE: “Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” 2 Timothy 2:3 KJV

Soldiers are known for having the ability to endure pains, sufferings, and most importantly, do not entertain fear. Christians are in a spiritual warfare. The devil, the world, and the flesh are real enemies that are out to destroy the testimony and effectiveness of the Christian. The enemy will seek to take us out or make us prisoners of war. Thus, we are called upon to be good soldiers for the war. How do we do that?

To become a good soldier for Christ, you must be dedicated to His cause. Wherever you find yourself, you must rightly represent Christ in your manners, conversations, and actions. You must not allow yourself to be easily discouraged but be prepared for conflicts at all times. No amount of threats from the enemy should make you to quit in your belief in Christ. Soldiers are not seen quitting from the profession as a result of casualties they see on daily basis. This should also be your goal; you must remain durable for the Kingdom.

You must also not entangle yourself with the affairs of this world. A good soldier is not expected to get distracted by all the things going on in his life. His focus is to represent the Lord Jesus well in the conflict and to make sure he wins. Distractions could result in being hit by a fiery dart of the wicked one, and could make you the target of a spiritual assassin. It could also cause you to turn your back and become vulnerable to satanic attacks.

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As a soldier of Christ, you are expected to commit the things you have heard, which is the doctrine of Christ, to faithful men. The reason is so that the faithful men who are also soldiers will be able to teach others also. Soldiers of Jesus Christ are filled with power and love and of a sound mind. They are never ashamed of the gospel of our Lord Jesus, but are partakers of His sufferings and afflictions according to the power of God (2 Timothy 1:8).

They also hold fast the form of sound words in faith and love (2 Timothy 1:13); and they have a strong will to please Him who has chosen them to be soldiers (2 Timothy 2: 4). They constantly suffer persecutions for the sake of the gospel so that others will be able to obtain salvation, which is in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 2:9–10).

Being a good soldier requires effort. So, let us go onward and forward for the cause of Christ! Lift His royal banner and do not let it suffer loss. Let it be known that you are in the Lord’s army, and as His soldier, you are earnestly contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.


  • Do you endure hardship/persecution for the sake of the gospel or for your misdeeds?


  • Ask God to make you His soldier and give you grace to endure hardness for the sake of the gospel, so that you will be able to help others obtain salvation.

FURTHER READING: Job 13:13-28; 15:1-26; 2 Timothy 2:10-26

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ESOCS Devotional 11 November


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