ASUU: E-learning Cannot Work in Our Universities

E-learning: Rector frowns at non-payment of fees by Students

COVID-19 Rivers State

The Rector of Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, Dr. Samuel Kalagbor has berated students who use the COVID-19 pandemic as excuse for their deliberate refusal to pay their school fees.

Dr. Kalagbor said the window for payment of fees has been open since January and would have elapsed in March but was extended to accommodate all students in accordance with the magnanimity of the administration.

He wondered why someone who refused to pay in January when there was limited spread of the virus will deliberately excuse his refusal with COVID-19.

He said students were not asked to bear the cost of the recent E-learning innovation considered by the school authority.┬áHe said the school is currently exploring “four models” of the E-learning process.

Kalagbor revealed that students who miss the live stream can also get the recorded lectures sent to them or a written format via WhatsApp.

Finally, he adviced students who complained of the exorbitant cost of data to deploy the funds appropriated for transportation to school daily for purchase of data.


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