Press Release: Dawari George, Campaign Organisation endorse Obi for President

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The governorship candidate of the Action Alliance, AA, in Rivers State, Dr. Dawari George, and his Campaign Organisation, the Bridge Campaign Organisation, BCO, have endorsed the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Mr. Peter Obi, for the February 25 election. They have, therefore, urged Rivers voters to go all out on Saturday to vote massively for Mr. Obi.

In a statement in Port Harcourt, on Wednesday, signed personally by Dr. Dawari George, the governorship candidate, and Prof. Kiikpoye K Aaron, the Campaign Director-General, the Bridge Campaign Organisation noted that prior to reaching the decision, a lot of issues were thrown up. The Organisation equally noted that it weighed the capacities of the leading candidates in the upcoming election and the clarity of each candidate’s plans for the country were also measured.

At a well-attended meeting, which included members of the BCO Campaign Council, Directors, Deputy and Assistant Directors, the Campaign Organisation explained that “Mr. Peter Obi is distinguished as an experienced leader who has demonstrated his ability to create positive change in the lives of Nigerians.”

The BCO added that the “Ethnicity, religion and power rotation have topped the issues under consideration. Whether we consider ourselves, logical/rational or emotional/sentimental, these issues have occupied our thinking spaces significantly. Consequently, whatever we decide is informed by what these issues portend for us.

Going forward BCO said that “For us in Rivers State, the decision on the direction we should go is impacted partly by these issues and by our understanding of equity and justice for our people. We believe that the concept of power rotation is an equitable and justifiable means of guaranteeing the inclusion of all parts of our country in determining the leadership of our nation.

“We also believe that by virtue of the multireligious nature of the Nigerian society, political inclusion ought to accommodate members of different faiths in a relationship of mutual trust and singleness of purpose.

“Against the backdrop of these considerations, deciding who to support in Saturday’s Presidential Election, in the best interest of Nigeria and Rivers State becomes less ponderous. Having regard to the issues above, we are irresistibly and attractively drawn to Mr. Peter Obi for President. Consequently, we are endorsing his  
candidacy for President in the 2023 Nigerian General Election. We do not deny that the other candidates boast experience. However, Mr. Peter Obi is distinguished as an experienced leader who has demonstrated his ability to create positive change in the lives of Nigerians. As Governor of Anambra State, he made significant strides in improving healthcare, education, and infrastructure at reasonable costs. He communicates his plans with clarity, and boasts a demonstrable track record of putting the needs of the people first. Most importantly he ticks the equity and justice ticket with a balanced running mate that is both humane and urbane.

“As Rivers people we have a great opportunity to support Mr. Peter Obi. We, therefore, strongly urge you to go to elections and vote for Mr. Peter Obi for President.

“We strongly believe that Peter Obi is the right candidate to lead Nigeria to a brighter future. We urge you to join us in supporting his candidacy, and let us work together to build a stronger, more prosperous Nigeria.

“The Bridge Campaign Organization therefore supports Peter Obi for President, Dr. Dawari George for Governor, and all AA National and State Assembly candidates.”

The statement was read by Prof. KK Aaron, Campaign Director-General, Campaign Bridge Organisation.

Bekee Anyalewechi
Spokesman, Dr. Dawari George
Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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