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Bonny Still Being Ravaged By Strange Ailment

COVID-19 Rivers State

The people of Bonny Local Government have continued to complain about the loss of sense of taste and smell, despite the intervention of the state government and the NCDC on the strange ailment in the area. The state government had earlier sent a team of health experts to ascertain the cause of ailments and deaths.

According to reports, residents have continued to complain of these problems alongside side malaria/typhoid that are resistant to drugs. A respected group in the Island had earlier raised an alarm about the ailment and mysterious deaths in the Island. They had confirmed the development to journalists few days ago after an independent investigation was carried out.

There have been ongoing rumours that the deaths may not be unconnected with the COVID-19 pandemic ripping the world apart.  Some are of the opinion that the deaths might be as a result of gas leakage in the island, while a few others believe the ailments and  deaths recorded could be as a result of the polluted environment. This has left residents confused as they await for the concrete cause of the ailments and deaths.

Meanwhile Chairman of Bonny Local Government Area, David Irimangha had earlier denied the report that the deaths are COVID-19 related. He said the victims may have died of malaria and typhoid fever, which is not strange to the people. He however, noted that the council has started to ascertain the true cause of deaths.

This development has led many sick persons to revert to local herbs as according to them, drugs are no longer working. Stakeholders have equally cried for help as according to them , hospitals are filled, even the mortuary is filled. No fewer than fifteen persons have lost their lives under mysterious circumstances, a source confirmed.

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