At Easter, A Convincing Sign

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TEXT: John 9:13-38

KEY VERSE: “He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see” (John 9:25).

An infidel lecturer in a mining town in the north of England gave an address in which he thought he had demolished all the arguments for the Bible, Christ and Christianity. He concluded by saying: “Now I hope I have succeeded in explaining to you that the existence of Jesus Christ is a myth”.

As he finished speaking, a miner, who had entered in his grimy clothes, stood up and said, “Sir, I’m only a working man, and I don’t know what you mean by the word ‘myth’. But can you explain me? Three years ago I had a miserable home; I neglected my wife and children; I cursed and swore; I drank up all my wages.

“Then someone came along and showed me the love of God and of His Son, Jesus Christ. And now all is different. We have a happy home; I love my wife and children; I feel better in every way; and I have given up the drink. A new power has taken possession of me since Christ came into my life. Sir, (and his face was all aglow), can you explain me?” The lecturer had no explanation.

The man in our text was not an intellectual nor was he a religious scholar, but his narration of the change that had taken place in his life far outweighed all the efforts of the religious Pharisees to trivialise and condemn the miracle power of Jesus Christ. The Pharisees kept interrogating the man on whom a convincing miracle had been performed.

Nothing of this sort can be found in the entire Old Testament relating to the restoration of sight to the blind. This is a clear evidence that Christ was the Messiah. Yet, the religious fanatics kept their unnecessary investigation going in hopes of finding some loopholes. And when it became impossible to disprove this great miracle, they eventually expelled him from their synagogue.

The miraculous healing of the blind man was undeniable, no matter how much the religious Pharisees tried to deny it. Convincing testimonies like this provide the strongest evidence to prove the authenticity of Christ and the Christian faith. It validates the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter, and confirs hope of a blissful eternity on all who believe.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Jesus is the answer to all of life’s questions.



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