Alleged Paedophile Rearrested in Rivers

Rivers State

A young man who was allegedly arrested by the police for raping and defiling a 3 year old girl at Oyigbo in Rives State, has turned around to arrest family members of the victim. The victim had earlier been arrested for the act after the family had reported the matter.

The young man who was released by the Police after spending 11 days in detention, came back with some Police officers to arrest family members of the victim. According to reports, he was furious the family had orchestrated his arrest.

Human Rights Activist, Gwamnishu Emefiena Harrison who confirmed the incident on his social media handle said the suspect was earlier arrested by the victim’s family. He explained that the alledged rapist was released by the Police after the victim’s family could not pay the N65,000 the Police asked them to pay forĀ  prosecution of the case.

He noted that officers at the Oyigbo Police Command released the suspect after spending 11 days in detention. This was after collecting an undisclosed fee from him.

The activist equally stated that the alleged paedophile was later re-arrested and transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department Rivers State Police Command. This was after series of calls he and some others made on socialĀ media, calling out the Police.

The family of the victim has since been released from Police custody.

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