Ada Hederberg Signs Groundbreaking 10-year NIKE Contract


Former Ballon d’Or winner and two time BBC Women’s Footballer of the year, Ada Hederberg has signed a record breaking endorsement deal with Nike, for a duration of 10 years.

Ada who has not represented her national team, Norway since 2017 in protest over how they treat the women’s side, is regarded to be one the game’s finest players. The deal is the first of its kind for women’s football. Forbes confirmed the deal, noting hat the talented goal machine left Puma, her previous sponsors for Nike, to pen the mouthwatering deal.

According to report the deal will earn Hederberg, an annual six-figure salary. It is worth in excess of €1m.
“For me personally, this is a groundbreaking step in my career” Ada confirmed to Forbes.

“I feel like Nike has inspired millions of people in sports and they’re kind of the game-changer in sports when it comes to lifting the women in sports as well and setting the bar, you could say.” Ada further asserted.

The deal is seen and regarded as a major boost and support for Women’s football, by pundits.

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