23 May 2020 Daily Manna – The Right Zeal

Daily Manna

23 May Daily Manna

KEY VERSE: “And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.” – (John 2:17)

TEXT: John 2:14-25

People who are known to have accomplished one task or the other for God have one unique attribute – they never allowed themselves to be negatively influenced by popular opinion.

The prompt intervention of Phinehas, when he killed the adulterous man of Israel and the Midianitish woman, stayed the plague that came upon the nation as a result of sin. Phinehas’ unprecedented zeal won him a place in the Scriptures. Also, God entered into a covenant of peace with him (Numbers 25:1-13).

In our passage today, Jesus manifested a similar zeal by throwing out those who had converted the house of God into a den of robbers. He did not carry out the exercise to be seen and commended of men. He was angry at the level of desecration of the holy place.

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After cleansing the temple, He also performed certain miracles before the scribes and Pharisees; yet, He did not allow Himself to be carried away by the praise of the masses. Here was a Man who demonstrated authority that had never been seen. He did not allow Himself to be swayed by praise singers. Jesus knew that those who sang His praise would one day crucify Him. All that He did was to please God.

Christ’s attitude to the praise-singing members of the public is very instructive. As believers, we must endeavour to seek the praise of God in all that we do. Anything to the contrary is sinful and should be avoided. We must not allow popular opinion to discourage us from doing God’s will. We should always listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Had Phinehas or Jesus consulted with the people, they would not have pleased the Lord.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Don’t wear your faith as the fashion of your hat.

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