16 May 2020 Daily Manna – Can You Read The Time?

Daily Manna

16 May Daily Manna

TEXT: Luke 12:49-59

“Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?” – (Luke 12:56)

The meteorological department of most advanced countries has gone beyond just being able to forecast weathers to being able to give early warnings of possible natural disasters such as volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, cyclones, floods, etc., especially in countries prone to these disasters. These early warnings allow for the quick evacuation of people to avert casualties. In spite of these early warnings, however, some people still fall victims. Despite all the technological advancement in the area of forecasting, the world is yet to see and correctly interpret spiritual signs.

In our text, Jesus sees among the Jewish leaders a form of deception and hypocrisy because they pretended not to see the signs of the end times glaringly before them. They were able to predict the weather but failed to observe or pay attention to the obvious signs of what was coming in the future. Because they deliberately chose to ignore the signs, they failed to recognise the Messiah and be part of the kingdom He came to establish.

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Today, there are Christians who fail to see the signs of backsliding and spiritual disaster and as such are unable to take precaution. The signs that point to the closeness of Christ’s imminent return are everywhere but sadly, many fail to see. How we need to pray that the Lord will sharpen our sense of discernment!

There is danger if we fail to recognise that the increase in iniquity in the world, the wars and rumours of wars we hear, the uprisings and socio-political turbulences everywhere, the economic downturns, the increase of false pastors and teachers; the increase in the persecution of Christians, etc., are all signs that the end is near! Can you read the signs? If you do, what are you doing about them? Be wise!

16 May Daily Manna – THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: There is danger in ignoring the signs.

THE BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Galatians 1-3


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