ESOCS Devotional 15 July 2020 - Proving God's Power

11 May 2020 ESOCS Devotional – An Omnipotent and Blissful God

ESOCS Daily Devotional

11 May ESOCS Devotional


“…This is the message from the one who is holy and true. He has the key that belong to David, and when he opens a door, no one can close it, and when he closes it, no one can open it.” Revelation 3:7

Of a truth, we serve an Omnipotent and Blissful God. This means that whenever it pleases God to bless anyone, that blessing is irreversible by the efforts of men, spirit, or beast. God is pure, so is whatever blessing He gives. No impurity can defy His works in the life of His people. In our service with God, we must be convinced of this truth. The enemies and their wickedness are no threats to us if we truly put ourselves right with God. In verse 7, we read, Thus is the message from the one who is holy and true. He has the key that belong to David, and when he opens a door, no one can close it, and when he closes it no one can open it.”

In His nature of truth and holiness, God shows no partiality. He does not fail to release the reward of those who diligently seek and serve Him. He knows all of us and is very aware of our deeds and intentions. This is a point that we must be convinced of if we desire to serve God and get our rewards from Him. In verse 8, we read, “I know what you do; I know you have a little power; you have followed my teaching and have been faithful to me. I have opened a door in front of you, which no one can close.”

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Therefore, the good thing that we can do for ourselves is to continue in our steadfastness and regularly do a self-examination to make sure that we are right with God at all times, and in all ramifications. We must not be carried away with our achievements but must make sure that we move to the next level of faith and power in Christ Jesus. In verse 11, we read, “I am coming soon, keep safe what you have, so that no one will rob you of your victory prize.”

Let us remember always that our hope in God and the blessedness of grace upon us does not end in this life. Our blessedness in Christ flows to eternity. Only those who remain committed and are in the boat of Christ to the end will reap the highest of our benefits in Christ. In verse 12 of our text, we read, “I will make those who are victorious pillars in the temple of my God….I will also write on them my new name.”

Instances where people take light the word of God in the heat of the pleasure and woes of earthly life abound. The consequences thereof are also written. But the inescapable reality of the word of God in those cases has always been the point of regret. This is the worst thing any of us can do to himself. You must not allow the instance whereby you will say at last “Had I known.” In verse 13 of our text, the Lord warns, “If you have ears, then, listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches.”

√ Do you agree that God is truly Omnipotent, and Blissful?

11 May ESOCS Devotional PRAYER POINT
“Lord, I know that You are truly Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.
√ Please make Your ways straight before my face and enable me to walk on the path of life that you have chosen for Your people, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

1Samuel 1:18:28; 2:1-24; Revelation 3:15-21


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